Biden approves the Kentucky emergency declaration due to the tornado disaster

Biden approves the Kentucky emergency declaration due to the tornado disaster. 

WILMINGTON – U.S. President Joe Biden endorsed an emergency declaration in Kentucky following the devastating tornados that hit Kentucky. 

Unfortunately, it was struck by a series of tornadoes that claimed the lives of at least 100 people.

Storms were a surprise for forecasters who say aren’t common in the cooler months, destroyed the candle factory and an emergency fire station in a Kentucky town. 

It also damaged the property of a Missouri nursing home. It injured at least two workers at the warehouse in Illinois.

Biden has requested federal assistance to complement the help from local and state authorities, The White House said.

“It’s an awful tragedy. But, unfortunately, we don’t yet know the number of people who died and the extent of the destruction,” Biden told reporters.

If he was asked if he believes climate change played a part in the destruction of hurricanes, Biden stated that he’d be seeking the Environmental Protection Agency and others to look into it.

“Acknowledging that the possibility of fewer catastrophes caused by weather. However, in the absence of a sustained effort at combating global warming, will not occur,” he said.

Biden also suggested that a more long-term issue and the immediate response to the tragedy for the nation and states will be about warning systems for tornadoes.

“One of the issues that will be raised, I’m certain that the answer is: What warning was in place? Did it have enough force, and was it taken seriously?” Biden said.

On Saturday morning, Biden had spoken with the governors of five states affected by the storms. It includes Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee – to express condolences and the promise of delivering assistance quickly as per the White House.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has sent emergency response personnel and water and other items to seven states that are affected. 

Biden has directed a flurry of aid to areas in the most need, making additional federal resources and personnel readily available.



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