Biden will promote vaccine mandates to large Chicago companies during his trip

Biden will promote vaccine mandates to large Chicago companies during his trip. 

US – The White House announced that Joe Biden, the U.S. President, will visit Chicago on Thursday to meet with United Airlines’ chief Executive Officer and local Democratic leaders. 

He will also promote his decision to impose COVID-19 vaccination mandates on large-firm employees.

Biden ordered federal workers and contractors to get vaccinated last month, with very few exceptions. 

Private employers employing 100 or more employees were also required to have their employees vaccinated.

This controversial move was resisted by high-profile Republican governors, including Henry McMaster of South Carolina and Ron DeSantis in Florida. 

They vowed to fight the administration’s “to the gates hell” move.

On Thursday, Biden will highlight local successes, including Lori Lightfoot’s move to make October the deadline for the Chicago mayor to get all employees fully vaccinated. 

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Also, United, based in Chicago, will be requiring immunizations as the first U.S. carrier.

The White House sent an email statement previewing the visit, saying that “The President’s message would be clear: Vaccination obligations work.” 

These mandates would “get more people vaccinated and help end the pandemic” and “support the economy,” the statement said.

Biden will be accompanied, along with Scott Kirby, United CEO of United, and Lightfoot. 

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced in August that eligible students and school employees must be vaccinated.

Biden’s announcement of his mandate was a crucial moment in his administration’s struggle to control the pandemic that has claimed more than 692,000 Americans. 

A large portion of the country refused to receive vaccinations even though they were available for several months.

The White House claims that the mandate will apply to 100 million U.S. workers and covers approximately two-thirds of all U.S. employees. 

It is being prepared in part by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The country is now at greater risk from the highly contagious Delta version of COVID-19 and the president who promised to end the pandemic. 

Biden’s approval rating has dropped since he stated in July that the United States was closer than ever to declaring independence from a deadly disease.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Director Rochelle Walensky, stated Wednesday that hospitalizations and cases have declined on average over the past seven days. 

Biden will also be visiting an Elk Grove Village construction site being constructed by Clayco. 

The White House stated that Clayco plans to introduce a system for testing and vaccinations for its employees.



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