How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

Breed Horses in Minecraft: Knowing how to tame and breed horses in Minecraft allows you to continually cross-breed your finest steeds to create the most incredible horse possible. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about taming and breeding horses in this tutorial so you can do just that.

In Minecraft, having a horse may help you go around fast. But you can raise an army of horses if you want to.

Horses may find in Minecraft.

First and foremost, you must know where to look for wild horses. Horses may find in the Plains and Savannas biomes the most. Large, flat stretches of green grass may discover in the Plains biome. A variety of lakes may also find across the biome.

The Savanna biome create beside a desert or plains habitat. It’s flat and low-elevation, with a few trees strewn around.

Finally, Villagers may naturally develop stables and animal enclosures with horses inside, so if you know of a nearby village, it’s worth investigating to see if you can steal a horse.

In Minecraft, here’s how to tame horses.

Horses must be tamed before they may breed. To tame a horse, right-click on it while holding nothing in your hand. Then, use the L2/ LT or ZL keys to tame the horse on a console.

When you get on the horse’s back, it will attempt and finally succeed, kicking you off. So mount it again and keep doing so until it is fully tamed.

To put things in perspective, you add five temper points to the animal every time you jump on the horse’s back. So you’ll have tamed a horse when it reaches its maximum temper level, which is a random value between 0 and 99.

If you want to speed up the process and have an excess of the substance, you may feed horse apples, sugar, or wheat to raise these ‘temper points.’

When red hearts emerge around your horse in Minecraft, you’ve successfully tamed it. Likewise, you may start breeding your horses after you’ve tamed two of them.

In Minecraft, how can you breed horses?

To breed horses in Minecraft, give them either a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot to put them in “love mode.” Enchanted Golden Apples also work, although they’re a little more challenging.

Make sure you have two of these items so that you may feed one to each of your two horses.

Each horse will produce red hearts after eating the golden apple or golden carrot. Then, they’ll spin around to face each other after obtaining these red hearts.

The hearts will cease beating after a while, and a more miniature horse will emerge among your two fenced-in and fed horses. You’ve just successfully bred horses in Minecraft.

Horse breeding in Minecraft

Donkeys may also be bred in the same manner. You can even produce a baby mule by breeding a donkey with a horse. We’ve given a list of what each breeding pair of animals will make:

When two horses generated, a baby horse is born.

When two donkeys breed, a baby donkey is born.

You’ll get a baby mule if you cross a donkey with a horse.

Mules are unable to reproduce.

A newborn horse’s leaping, health, and speed numbers will be an average of both parents and a randomized set of data.

As a result, getting two horses with great speed, jumping, and health metrics to breed together is critical if you want to increase your chances of generating a superior horse.

That’s all there is to know about breeding horses in Minecraft. Check out more of our guides below, or search for News Gater for additional tips, techniques, and tutorials.