How to Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft

Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft: Every Minecraft experience is unique, with its mysteries to discover. However, the existence of water will be one of the things that will stay constant in all worlds.

 Tiny bubbles should emerge above your food gauge if you dip below the ocean’s surface. This is the maximum amount of time you can breathe underwater, which isn’t very long. 

You may remain under for 3 minutes or longer using the Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft.

We’ve broken down how to construct a three-minute Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft and how to transform it into one that allows you to breathe underwater for eight minutes.

Making a Water Breathing Potion (3:00)

First, let’s go through how to obtain the three-minute Water Breathing Potion. To accomplish so, you’ll need a Brewing Stand as well as the following items:

  • x1 Nether Wart
  • One Pufferfish
  • 1 x Water Bottle

Approach and interact with your brewing stand, then drop some Blaze Powder in the furthest left box. Placing a Blaze Rod in your crafting menu will yield Blaze Powder. A Blaze Rod can only acquire as a drop from a Blaze in the Nether.

Then, insert the water bottle into one of the three boxes at the bottom of the Brewing Stand screen. You may produce three potions at once by placing three water bottles in the bottom slots of the brewing stand.

Place the Nether Wart in the box at the top of the Brewing Stand. The white bubbles to the left of this box indicate that the Brewing Stand is operational.

To produce a water-breathing potion in Minecraft, place the components in the brewing stand.

You’ll see that the Water Bottle has become an Awkward Potion when the Nether Wart has vanished. It makes no difference. Now, place the Pufferfish in the top box and watch it disappear.

Breathing water potion in Minecraft

You should now be able to locate a Potion of Water Breathing by highlighting the potion bottle at the bottom of the Brewing Stand (3:00).

How to Make a Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft (8:00)

Three minutes of underwater breathing is fine, but eight minutes is significantly more valuable, particularly if you’re looking for treasure or rare minerals in sunken wrecks or secret caverns.

Insert your Potion of Water Breathing (3:00) in any bottom boxes on your Brewing Stand to produce this enhanced Potion of Water Breathing. Next, place Redstone Dust in the top box and leave it there until it vanishes.

After it vanishes, you should see that your Potion of Water Breathing (3:00) has been upgraded to an eight-minute version.

To get a Potion of Water Breathing, use a command (3:00)

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble finding the necessary components and need the potions immediately, you may always use commands/ hacks to acquire them immediately.

Open the chat on the Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game and type:

@p potion 1 19 /give /give /give /give /give /give

You’ll need to run the following command if you’re playing the Java version of the game:

/dispense @p potion

{Potion:” minecraft:water breathing”} 1

Why Should You Use Water Breathing Potions in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s big bodies of water now have a ton of intriguing buildings, structures, and shipwrecks to explore, each of which contains uncommon things that can’t be found anywhere else, thanks to the aquatic update published a long time ago.

Some of these underwater places may also hold treasure maps that, when followed, may lead to hidden riches, such as Hearts of the Sea, which are needed to make a Conduit.

If you wish to take on the Elder Guardians and plunder all of the goods contained within the Ocean Monuments they dwell, utilize Potions of Water Breathing to relieve one of your worries. 

Elder Guardians are pretty strong, and it’s easy to become lost within the monuments. Thus, eliminating the fear of water breathing using potions makes a tremendous difference.

Making a Conduit as an Alternative to Water Breathing Potions

A Conduit is a challenging item to make in Minecraft, but it may eliminate the need for water-breathing potions in the region where it installed.

You’ll need eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea to make a Conduit. Nautilus Shells dropped by defeated Drowned opponents or found in chests that the treasure maps discussed before might take you to. They’ve also discovered in shipwrecks.

The Heart of the Sea can only discovered in those same treasure chests and has a reduced drop rate. So you’ll probably have to visit many Ocean Monuments to collect one.

Place the Nautilus Shells outside the crafting grid and the Heart of the Sea in the middle after you’ve gotten them both.

You must now construct the Conduit Power Structure. One Conduit and 57 Prismarine Blocks required (though Sea Lanterns and Prismarine Bricks also work here). 

Place four Prismarine Shards on the crafting grid to make Prismarine Blocks. Finding and killing a Guardian in an Ocean Monument is how you get the Shards.

Place a 33-block grid of Prismarine Blocks on the floor, with one extra block on top of the grid’s center.

Remove the block the Conduit was resting on and put it on top of the Prismarine Block you just placed, so the Conduit is merely floating in the water. Next, add a third layer of Prismarine Blocks to your three-by-three grid, making it three blocks high.

Your Conduit should ‘activate’ and open up once you’ve done this, revealing a little blue sphere within.

 All adjacent players will get the ‘Conduit Power’ status effect, which enhances underwater vision, boosts underwater mining speed, and allows you to breathe underwater without using your oxygen bar or Water Breathing Potions in Minecraft.

You now know how to construct Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft. Search for News Gater for additional tips, techniques, and tutorials, or scroll down to see more of our game coverage.