Catch Stardew Valley Tiger Trout

Catch Stardew Valley Tiger Trout: In the guide below, we’ll outline the most efficient methods for catching Stardew Valley‘s mysterious Tiger Trout. Apart from its tranquil atmosphere and lively in-game community, the most memorable aspect of this game is the many things you can explore around its namesake town. 

Certain things must carry out at specific dates and times, which certainly applies to this mysterious sea creature. Luckily, we are aware of all the techniques.

What is the Best Place to Catch a Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley?

This rare fish confused many trying to finish this River Fish Bundle at the Center’s Fish Tank. The fact that it’s an extremely difficult fish to catch once hooked makes the issue worse. So, we’re here to provide you with a shot!

The first is that first, the Tiger Trout can only be caught in the fall or winter months. It is also an aquatic fish that only lives in the stream near the southern part of town. 

It can also be caught because the river flows west and enters Cindersap Forest near Leah’s home. Also, ensure you’re fishing from 6 am to 7 pm; otherwise, you’ll waste the bait and time.

If you’ve fished for a long time for this type of fish and exhausted, the equipment can  bring. It is important to pay regularly for this Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays. 

There’s a good chance that the Merchant is selling it. The seller could have it available for sale at prices between 450G and 1000G, and you should be ready to bring an enormous amount of cash.

Indeed, the Traveling Merchant isn’t the only option to purchase Tiger Trout. If you’re still in the game and have got rid of the sewers, you could have in Krobus his shop. 

Similar to the Traveling Merchant, He also has a stock that rotates. On Wednesdays, he’ll sell one of eleven different kinds of fish. If you happen to spot the fish on a Wednesday when you can purchase the Tiger Trout, you can purchase it for 200G.