Central Government To Bring Model Prisons Act: Amit Shah

On Sunday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in Ahmedabad that the central government would introduce a Model Prisons Act by revising the British-era statute in the next six months. Detailed negotiations are now taking place with state governments.

He also asked all state governments to adopt the Model Jail Manual as soon as possible to advance prison reforms and “reassess our attitudes towards prisons,” which the federal government presented in 2016.

Speaking to a crowd during the 6th All India Prison Duty Meet’s opening, he noted that only 11 states and Union Territories had so far approved the Manual.

“The Model Prisons Act, which will make the required adjustments to the legislation in effect since the British period, will be introduced after the jail handbook. We are now having lengthy negotiations with the states, and I am certain that it will be introduced within the next six months “Says Mr. Shah.

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He said the Model Prisons Act would be introduced to modernize the nation’s prisons.

Prison congestion must be addressed, according to Mr. Shah, who also emphasized that jail management cannot be improved without doing so.

He also asked governments to provide every district prison access to video conferencing with the court.

Making plans “to keep convicts who propagate the message of radicalization and drugs apart” was noted as being necessary by Mr. Shah.

The new prison guidebook also includes instructions on managing gangs while housed there.

“The management of prisons is, in my opinion, a crucial component of internal security. We cannot disregard the management of the prison. Society’s view of prisons has to be modified. Not every prison inmate is a criminal by nature, “According to the home ministry.

He said that although the severity of the penalty was crucial, it was also the administration’s job to create strategies for reintegrating inmates into society.

According to Mr. Shah, reintegrating the 90% of convicts who have been given legal sentences into society is crucial from both a humanitarian and law and order perspective.

Jail is “a neglected sector,” according to Mr. Shah, who said that India had ignored the prison industry. He said that several nations still use the same prisons the British erected.

Along with modernizing prisons, he added, it is crucial to provide them with technology, make them flexible from a security standpoint, and make provisions for the convicts’ well-being.

The occasion was attended by several luminaries, including Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, the Union Home Secretary, and the Director General of the Bureau of Police Research and Development.