Which Character in Stardew Valley Does Marnie Like?

Character in Stardew Valley Does Marnie Like: Pelican Town has a large population, including Marnie. Meeting these people, like Marnie, and developing friendships with them is a big part of what makes Stardew Valley so magical.

And if you support them by doing specified tasks for them or giving them presents, that connection will strengthen. What Marnie like about Stardew Valley is listed below if you share her rancher-like values.

Which Character in Stardew Valley Does Marnie Like? Answered

What Marnie likes is broken down into two categories: likes and love, as it is with every character you may befriend or fall in love with. Compared to getting a present that she likes, if she loves the gift you gave her, you will accrue more friendship points.

presents Marnie enjoys and adores

You may earn 80 friendship points by giving Marnie something she’ll adore in Stardew Valley. Compared to a present she loves, it is almost two times as many friendship points provided. Each present Marnie adores listed below:

  • Diamond
  • A farmer’s lunch
  • Cake in pink
  • a pumpkin pie
  • One Loves All Universal

Like Magic Rock Candy and Rabbit’s Feet, some presents are beloved by everybody.


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Marnie will retort with “This is an amazing present!” to any of them. Thanks!” That is evidence that she cherished it.

In Stardew Valley, there is only a 45 Friendship Point cap on gifts that Marnie will accept.

That amounts to somewhat more than half of a special present, but many of the items Marnie like are considerably simpler to get. Giving her a few will be well worth it as you build a relationship with her. Marnie enjoys the following items:

  • Eggs of any kind
  • She abhors Void Eggs.
  • milk of any kind
  • Quartz
  • Universal Likes All

Everyone enjoys Universal Loves, and much like flowers, so are Universal Likes (excluding Poppy).

When she receives a present she loves, Marnie will exclaim, “Thank you!”

Marnie’s Dislikes and Hatred of Gifts

Marnie must dislike certain things if there are those that she would love to receive. It’s possible to lower Marnie’s Friendship Points in Stardew Valley by giving her any of the following presents:

  • Salmonberry
  • Seaweed
  • Natural Horseradish
  • Clay
  • Holly

Everything that everyone on Earth dislikes and despises

A present that she despises is clay, for instance.

Marnie will say “Oh.” when you give her a present, she detests or dislikes it. “This is useless, but I suppose I’ll accept it. Then, respectively, “I don’t understand you.

At the Movie Theater, Marnie’s Favorite and Least Favorite Films and Food

You may visit the theater by traveling farther into Stardew Valley. By giving them a ticket, you may help people here develop their friendships. Also, having concessions that people appreciate will get you more friendship points.

Please bear the following in mind while sending her a ticket:

Her favorite film, which she adores, is The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch.

She only enjoys every other movie. Not very picky, Marie.

Marnie likes sorbet flavors like teardrops and ice cream sandwiches.

She doesn’t like any other concessions except for black licorice, fries, jojacola, jojacorn, nachos, salted peanuts, and truffle popcorn.

Play well with Marnie now that you know her preferences in Stardew Valley. However, do remember that Marnie isn’t a good match for romance.

Consider Sebastian if you want to marry a character, but don’t give him clay since he hates clay.