Chickens in Fortnite Chapter 3

Chickens in Fortnite Chapter 3: Chickens tend to appear in odd locations. I saw one wandering through my backyard one time, and the closest farm was about a distance of two miles. 

I’m not sure how it came to be there, but anyplace chickens are present, there’s a kind of entertainment or another to be located.

 Find out where chickens can be found in Fortnite Chapter 3. Chapter 3.

In the course of Fortnite te‘s ongoing Winterfest celebration, a new challenge asks players to fly at least 200m using chickens.

 Since the island flipped and the chickens aren’t breeding in the same places, some players have experienced difficulty with this challenge. 

Luckily, they still appear in a reasonably consistent location, and once you’ve identified where they are, you’ll be able to beat this challenge pretty quickly.

Where to Find Chickens in Fortnite Chapter 3

Here are a few places where you can find the chickens that you can find within Fortnite Chapter 3.

  1. The south-facing portion of the central lake
  2. The region between Rocky Reels, Chonker’s Speedway, and Condo Canyon
  3. To the south-west of Shifty Shafts
  4. To West of Greasy Grove
  5. To the North towards the northern end of Rocky Reels, past the stream
  6. When you find chickens, you can create walls around them to keep them in to ensure that it doesn’t escape. 

When you’re close enough, you can take it in and jump to begin flying. Perhaps gliding is more precise.

 You could complete the 200-meter distance by jumping off any flat surface and holding chickens.

so locate a cliff, a structure, or anything else and throw yourself and your feathered companion onto the ground.