China criticizes Italian media for reporting on Beijing’s organ harvesting: Following an article on organ harvesting in the Italian weekly magazine Panorama. China has turned its propaganda efforts toward Italy.

According to Marco Respinti’s essay in Bitter Winter, a publication that supports human rights and religious freedom. The Chinese Communist Party wants to infiltrate democratic nations with its long arm.

The Italian weekly magazine Panorama published an article on August 24 denouncing China’s widespread, barbaric practice of organ harvesting. Later on August 28, a reply posted on the Italian office of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) website.

The Embassy issued a “strong disapproval” of the defamation and plagiarism allegations made against Panorama.

The forceful people harvesting “rumors” made ad hoc by the heretical cult “Falun Gong’ and other anti-Chinese organizations,”. The Embassy claims, to “spread Sinophobia and deceive the world community.”

Panorama said that the information presented in its article on human harvesting back up by studies published in peer-reviewed medical publications.

The abuses committed by the CCP against dissidents, religious groups, and ethnic minorities well documented in hundreds of pages, have assessed by international organizations and independent scholars, have recognized by parliaments, and regularly reported by Bitter Winter, among other sources.

According to a study, a China-backed project in Myanmar is becoming a center for people trafficking.

The Shwe Kokko New City in Karen State, southeast Myanmar, has developed into a prominent center for crime. Which has human rights organizations in Myanmar worried about an uptick in incidents of crime.

According to The Irrawaddy News website, the town governed by the Karen Border Guard Force, a division of the Myanmar military.

The town claims to be a Special Economic Zone and is home to several Chinese-owned businesses.

According to the online publication The Diplomat, most human trafficking victims in the region are from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos. They are put behind bars and made to work as Internet swindlers for organized criminal groups.

Chinese investors, workers, and visitors have drawn to Shwe Kokko New City because it contains casinos and nightclubs. According to specific reports, Shwe Kokko New City reportedly included in China’s BRI.