China says relations with Russia are

China says relations with Russia are “on track”: China says relations with Russia are “on track”:As the two nations’ presidents prepare to meet this week, a top Chinese official stated that China is eager to help Russia mold the world order on a “more fair and logical path.”

Once tumultuous Cold War partners, China and Russia have grown closer recently as part of what they refer to as a “no boundaries” alliance that serves as a check on American control of the world.

Yang Jiechi, chairman of the Communist Party’s foreign affairs department, told Russia’s ambassador to China on Monday, “Under the strategic leadership of Presidents Xi Jinping and Putin, the relationship between the two countries has always gone ahead on the correct road.”

Yang said China was “ready to engage with Russia to implement the spirit of high-level strategic cooperation, preserve shared interests, and support the development of the international order in a more fair and logical direction.”

The summary said that Denisov commended the “fruitful outcomes” of bilateral cooperation in response.

Since facing unprecedented Western sanctions for its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has worked to improve relations with Asia, especially China.

Beijing has not denounced Moscow’s involvement in Ukraine and offered diplomatic cover by criticizing Western sanctions, and weaponry shipments to Kiev have increased tensions between China and the West.

This week, Putin and Xi are scheduled to meet in Uzbekistan as part of a conference of regional nations.

Li Zhanshu, the senior lawmaker in Beijing, made history last week when he visited Russia as the highest-ranking Communist Party official since the invasion of Ukraine.

During his visit, Li praised the “exceptional degree” of trust and collaboration between Moscow and Beijing.