“Chronology Samajhiye”: Congress’s Reaction to Rahul Gandhi’s Questioning

The Congress criticized the BJP-led Centre again ahead of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s second day of interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate, accusing it of using the investigative agency as an “election management department” that has filed over 5,000 cases to frighten political opponents.

Randeep Singh Surjewala, a senior politician, slammed Union Home Minister Amit Shah with a “chronology samajhiye” statement and asked the Centre four questions.

Mr. Surjewala added, “Understand the sequence — the BJP has targeted Rahul Gandhi because he raises the voice of the people,” listing the former Congress president’s criticisms of the Centre’s actions.

Mr. Surjewala claimed that the government fears Mr. Gandhi and that is why it is ‘targeting’ him, claiming that he asked tough questions of the Centre on Chinese encroachment, rising inflation, handling of the pandemic, migrant workers’ plight during lockdowns, farmers’ protests, and “communal unrest being fanned by the BJP.” The National Herald case has been related to money laundering claims, which Congress dismissed as a ‘witch-hunt’ yesterday.

Mr. Surjewala said that the BJP is using the media and ‘WhatsApp university’ to propagate disinformation and target the opposition to muzzle Rahul Gandhi, whose questions are becoming too uncomfortable for the governing party.

He attributed the removal of the three complex agricultural regulations and the government’s decision to make the Covid vaccine accessible to Rahul Gandhi’s “continuous pressure.” Mr. Surjewala said that Mr. Gandhi stood with migrant workers amid the crisis caused by severe lockdowns, openly backed and stood by farmers in their protest when the BJP called them “terrorists,” and is the only one speaking; out against “BJP-created communal strife.”

Mr. Surjewala, in a direct assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said he is working as an “agent of friendly businessmen” by securing contracts for them overseas.

He brought up the controversy over Rafale planes and recent accusations that the Prime Minister pushed for the Adani company to be given preference for contracts in Sri Lanka.

“Rahul Gandhi stares the government in the eyes and asks questions. He added that this assault is on the unemployed, the poor, the young, and all other vulnerable parts of society, not only Mr. Gandhi and the Congress,” he added.

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He accused the government of purposefully using the ED to target opposition politicians who oppose the BJP and then pulled it back when the leaders changed their minds and joined the governing party.

The ED and CBI did not call Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma after moving to the BJP. BS Yeddyurappa is facing charges, yet no summons have been issued.

Narayan Rane has not been summoned. Similar examples may be seen in Raman Singh, Mukul Roy, and Suvendu Adhikari. He said, “as soon as you join the BJP, you become innocent.”

The ED interrogated Rahul Gandhi for more than 10 hours yesterday. According to sources, he was called for additional interrogation today.

According to Congress, the interrogation is part of the governing BJP’s “vendetta politics.”

Mr. Gandhi’s interrogation began this morning amid a police raid on a large-scale Congress demonstration.

Congress has scheduled rallies outside the Enforcement Directorate’s offices around the nation. Senior officials, including party MPs, were to march with Mr. Gandhi from the party headquarters to the Enforcement Directorate offices in Delhi.

However, the Delhi Police, who had denied permission for the protest march last night, began arresting Congress members and officials early this morning.

The senior politicians who followed Mr. Gandhi sat in protest outside the barrier after stepping inside while the police barricaded the ED headquarters.

P Chidambaram, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhari, KC Venugopal, Deepender Hooda, and Jairam Ramesh were among the leaders seized and bussed to the police station shortly after.