CoD Mobile's top operator skills

CoD Mobile’s top operator skills: In CoD Mobile, the use of operator skills varies. Not all of them, however; maybe “niche” would be a better descriptor. Specific Operator Skills are superior to others, and some are best used at higher skill levels.

Regardless of your ability level, let’s look at the top Operator Skills in CoD Mobile.


In Call of Duty: Mobile, Tempest is only as good as the player who uses it, but when appropriately employed, it may significantly raise your KD. The difficulty here is just becoming used to the Tempest’s operation, particularly its charge-up time.

Once you master the Tempest’s timing, it kills adversaries in a single blow while also arcing through surrounding enemy players.


The Annihilator is for you if you want to pretend to be a cowboy. The Annihilator’s very high bullet penetration makes it possible to one-shot opponents, even those hiding behind cover.

Since the Annihilator’s accuracy isn’t the best, aim carefully and fire rapidly with the six available rounds.

Additionally, scorestreaks in general and UAVs and Counter UAVs readily destroy. The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mode map The Giant also has it as an easter egg.


Maybe you favor Robin Hood and aren’t a fan of the cowboy. The Sparrow is the most delicate Operator Skill for you in such a situation.

The Sparrow is restricted in how many times it may be fired, much like the Annihilator. It exchanges exploding arrows for ammunition. They can indeed harm many players.

Holding the arrow for as long as possible before releasing it will do the most damage. As a result, players and score streaks suffer greatly while playing The Sparrow.


The Purifier grows increasingly harmful to the opposing team as the zones become smaller. A flamethrower must, after all, do its intended function.

The Purifier is lethal at close range, and if you can anticipate opponent movement and begin the stream beforehand, it kills instantly.

Despite a minor nerf, the Purifier has maintained its position as one of the most excellent Operator Skills in Call of Duty Mobile.


We may have somewhat exaggerated when we said that the items in this list are not listed in any particular sequence. The Tak-5 is perhaps the most delicate operator skill in CoD Mobile compared to the others.

The advantages outweigh any harm you could do with the other combat-based operator talents.

The Tak-5 boosts the team’s health, heals, doesn’t need aim, removes burns, and has an infinite range. The Tak-5 might influence the course of events if used strategically.

These five Operator Skills in CoD Mobile are the greatest of all the available skills. Using them correctly is more important than having the ability to transform a defeat into a victory against all odds.

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