Codes for Arch Pieces

Codes for Arch Pieces:  ShonenBlox’s Roblox Arch Piece is a One Piece-themed meme game. You’ll construct your character and try to get devil fruit, which will grant you surprising abilities! Due to the more meme-like nature of this game, things may go a little strange.

If you’re seeking freebies, go no further than our collection of Arch Piece codes. If you’re unsure how to redeem codes in Arch Piece, see below the codes list for instructions! Favorite this page by typing CTRL + D on your keyboard or using the Add to Bookmark icon on your mobile device.

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The contents are as follows:

Codes for all Arch Pieces

The most recent functioning Roblox Arch Piece codes are provided here. These may be exchanged for Beli and other free items that will aid you in the game.

Because codes expire after a certain amount of time, you’ll want to utilize them as soon as possible.

The game is unavailable due to bug fixes, but it should be back up and running shortly! Here are some specifics about what’s going on in the game right now:

We’re now working on a fix for the Gear 5 problem, caused by Roblox failing to update half of our scripts in the Update we performed earlier today, resulting in the brokenness of our other hands.

We’re aware that many players have lost their gear 5, and although we can’t erase the adjustments, we have no choice but to compensate everyone with free gear five fruit when the game reopens.

Codes of the Day

  • FAV10K – Redeem this code to get rewards (New Code)
  • LIKE5K – Redeem this code to get rewards (New Code)
  • FREERESET2 – Redeem this code to get a free Stat Reset (New Code)
  • SubToJZGaming – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToPitBull – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToXou – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • FREERESET – Redeem code to get a free reset
  • SubToCaptainMaui – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToTanTai – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToKilik – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToDua – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • BETA2000 – Redeem this code to get rewards
  • SubToLeviniGamer – Redeem this code to get rewards
  • TESTING1000 – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • LIKE500 – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToJosephR – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli
  • SubToObito – Redeem this code to get +2K Beli

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Codes That Have Expired

  • There are no codes that have expired yet!

Arch Piece Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for redeeming codes in Arch Piece?

To redeem codes in Roblox Arch Piece, follow these instructions:

Roblox Arch Piece is a game you may play on your computer or mobile device.

At the bottom of the screen, click the CODE button.

Choose a code from our list and paste it into your browser.

Copy and paste the code into the “Enter Code Here” text box.

To claim your prize, click the Submit button.

If the code is fresh new and isn’t working, try shutting the game and reopening it. This will transfer you to a new server, which may contain an updated game version with functional code!

Where can I get additional Arch Piece codes?

Join the official Discord server for the game to obtain news and updates and communicate with other players to discover additional codes. Otherwise, we’ll update this wiki regularly with the latest regulations, so check back often!

These are all of the Roblox Arch Piece codes that we presently have. Please let us know if you spot one we’re missing in the comments section so we can add it immediately!