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Where to Collect Toy Biplanes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest?

Collect Toy Biplanes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest: Fortnite will be celebrating the holidays by hosting the regular Winterfest event. 

There’s plenty of unique content, quests, and content to complete in exchange for holiday-themed rewards and Battlepass XP in this period. 

One of the tasks is finding several Toy Biplanes. Here’s where to find and find three Toy Biplanes from Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest.

There is no requirement to gather three Biplanes. There is enough in each of the three locations that you only need to visit one place. 

In this article, we’ll show you the specific Toy Biplane places for each location and allow you to pick the most convenient one for you and conquer this task.

Where to Collect Toy Biplanes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest

Biplanes can be found at the following locations of interest on Fortnite Island:

  • Sleepy Sound
  • Greasy Grove
  • Condo Canyon

Sleepy Sound

3 Toy Biplanes in Sleepy Sound are located here:

  1. Inside Noms
  2. Playground
  3. In the Kiddy Pool

Inside Noms

Noms is a structure and shop situated on the west end of Sleepy Sound. You’ll find the entrance located on the eastern end of the building. Once inside, there’s a Toy Biplane in the right corner.

Where to Collect Toy Biplanes in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest


In the middle of town, there is a tiny two-story apartment building. On the west-facing part of the structure, there’s a small playground, including the pool, a merry-go-round, and a swing set. 

The next Toy Biplane is next to the swing set within the play area.

Kiddy Pool

In the end, you’ll see a tiny blue wooden home that has an RV in the back, on the east-facing area of the city.

 A red umbrella is sticking out of one of the Kiddy Pools close on the road. Third, Toy Biplane is inside of the Kiddy Pool.

Greasy Grove

These three Biplanes Toys that are located at Greasy Grove are located here:

  1. Gas Station
  2. Sport Shop
  3. Playground

Gas Station

The first Toy Biplane can be found on the south-central edge of town, near the station for gas.

 Enter the workshop, and you’ll see it lying on the ground near the upgraded station.

Sport Shop

The next step is to go to the shop for sports in the heart of town. 

There should be a giant Christmas tree in the center of the space. A Toy Biplane is next to the tree, as is the Quadcrasher.


There’s also an area for a playground or park on the northwest corner of town. 

There’s a swing set and a see-saw, a merry-go-round, and a slide within the region. A Toy Biplane is hiding underneath the fall.

Condo Canyon

Three Toy Biplanes at Condo Canyon can be found here:

  1. Gas Station
  2. Poolside
  3. House situated in northwestern

Gas Station

Go to the Spillexx Gas Station found in the northwestern part of town. It is possible to walk and back towards the garbage bin, and there is a Toy Biplane on the ground just behind the building.


In the middle of town, a lovely house with a pool outback is just a little to the north. There’s a Toy Biplane in the backyard near the pool, as well as the sack-throwing game.

House located in the northeast.

Finally, go to the home located in the northeastern part of town. You will find the drawing-room, and there is the last Toy Biplane underneath the desk.

You’ve got it! This is where you can find three Toy Biplanes: Sleepy Sound, Greasy Grove, and Condo Canyon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Winterfest.


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