How to Correct an Elden Ring Connection Error

Correct an Elden Ring Connection Error: Online video games often have connection issues, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game won’t allow you to connect to its servers when you get the “Connection Error Occurred” notification, and you become trapped on the loading screen.

Even if it might be challenging to pinpoint the root of the problem, it is still possible to find a solution.

The good news is that we can teach you how to solve this issue, so here’s what you should do if Elden Ring displays the “Connection Message Occurred” error.

Possible Solutions to the Connection Error for Elden Ring

The connection fault in Elden Ring might have a variety of causes. However, your internet connection, which often fails to interact with the Elden Ring server, is the main problem in most situations.

The following are some methods for resolving Elden Ring’s “Connection Error Occurred” error:

Elden Ring Server Status: Check

The servers may be down if you see the “Connection Error Occurred” error when playing Elden Ring. To determine if the game’s servers are up, you should check their status.

Players may do this by either contacting Elden Ring support or following the official Elden Ring Twitter account for any scheduled maintenance.

If the Elden Ring servers are down, you will need to wait until the developers know the problem. However, you may pass the time by playing the game’s offline mode.

But what if the servers are up and running, but you still experience the issue. Then, follow the strategies indicated below in this situation.

VPN use

In certain circumstances, connection problems are caused by routing issues and make the experience difficult. To go around your ISP routing, you should attempt connecting to Elden Ring servers using a VPN.

Although there are numerous VPN providers on the internet, we advise utilizing Cloudfare’s Warp program for this technique. It uses the least storage space on your smartphone and is free to use.

Install WARP

relaunch Steam

One of the best ways to resolve the “Connection Problem Occurred” error for Elden Ring is to restart the Steam client.

Use task management to forcibly quit the application or click the cross button in the upper right corner of the screen to close it. After that, restart Steam to check whether the issue has been resolved.

Refresh Windows

Elden Ring performs best with the most recent version of Windows. By going to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and choosing Check for Updates, you may install Windows updates. Install any available updates, then restart the game.

Switch Off Your Router

If none of those above fixes work, the actual problem is likely with your internet connection. Restart the WiFi router once, which should take a few minutes before calling your ISP and reporting the issue.

Switch off your router and leave it off for around two minutes. After that, restart Elden Ring by plugging the router’s switch back in.

That is all there is to know about resolving Elden Ring’s “Connection Problem Occurred” error.

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