Cristiano Ronaldo signed back to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo signed back to Manchester United.

Finally, all the waiting came to an end. Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Juventus to return to Manchester United. A tweet from the party has confirmed this.

Talks with Juventus on transfer fees are known to have already ended. Now, wait for the moment. It is to see when the club will make the official announcement.

For now, Ronaldo has been taken for a medical examination.

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A few days ago, Lionel Messi left Barcelona and joined PSG. And this time, it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s turn.

According to sources, he has already signed a two-year contract with Manchester United. However, the club has yet to announce anything officially.

By the way, Man United had several lengthy discussions with Juventus about the transfer fee of a soccer superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo.

It later revealed that the deal was worth € 25 million.

Previously, rumors circulated in world football that Messi-Neymar and Ronaldo would play for the same team.

Although Messi and Neymar played together for the French club, it was practically sure that Ronaldo would not play.

Ronaldo is currently the highest-paid player in Juventus. Corona has had some effect on the Juventus bill. As a result, they want to cut the cost a bit.

According to sources, the Italian club will not extend the contract with Ronaldo to save the team from this situation. It is Juventus’ last season with Ronaldo.

As a result, if the contract is not renewed after that, nothing will happen again. PSG wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

If Ronaldo doesn’t sign a contract with Juventus, they can sign CR7. As in the case of Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Sporting Lisbon in 2003 to join Manchester United. From there, he changed clubs again in 2009.

He signed for Real Madrid. Before, however, the Portuguese soccer captain had scored 116 goals in 292 games for Manchester United. He also won a Champions League title.

In addition, a total of nine titles, including three Premier Leagues. Manchester United has a crucial role to play in making Ronaldo a star.


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