Datamining suggests a Battle Pass for Pokémon Go

Datamining suggests a Battle Pass for Pokémon Go: A new item dubbed the “Battle Pass Ticket”. Found in Pokémon Go‘s file by an infamous data mining organization known as PokeMiners on Twitter. Unfortunately, the data miners who found the ticket. As part of the game around August 3 didn’t clarify what the item included.

The Battle Pass Ticket will probably provide players entrance to a forthcoming event where they may get things since it is a ticket. In Pokémon Go, Niantic has made ticketed events available in advance, often bringing brand-new, unique cosmetics for players to capture.

The Battle Pass Ticket was presumably added to the game with the most recent update and will probably be sold soon. Niantic will likely announce something about it shortly.

But as of right now, the Battle Pass Ticket can only found via data mining and will not get you access to anything.
However, expect to see the new Battle Pass Ticket appear in the game’s shop as ticketed events like Battle Passes often require real-world money to purchase.

Occasionally, gamers may get rare goods like clothes, postures, and Pokémon costumes via special events like Battle Pass.

However, other times Niantic may provide extra everyday goods that players can get from regular gaming. Such as additional poffins, incense, Pokéballs, and Poké Coins, as a reward for taking part in the event.

We can only wait to see what the new Battle Pass will include. Still, judging by the responses to PokeMiners’ tweets, many seem pessimistic about the possibility of extraordinary things  included.

PokeMiners are a reputable team that has a track record of dependability. Pokémon Go, determine name files, assets, and certain cosmetics.

Before Niantic officially announces them. They are the ones that often learn what kinds of poses and Pokémon Outfits will add to the game. Nevertheless, until Niantic makes a formal statement, every leak should treat cautiously.