DHFL Scam: Court Allows Home-Cooked Food In Jail For Accused Dheeraj Wadhawan

On Thursday, the Rouse Avenue Court granted Dheeraj Wadhawan, a former Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) promoter, permission to get home-cooked meals for a month while considering his medical conditions.

In connection with an alleged bank fraud by DHFL of 34,615 crores, Dheeraj Wadhawan is now being held in judicial custody.

In granting his request for home-cooked meals on Thursday, Special Judge Vishal Gogne said that Dheeraj Wadhawan is allowed to have home-cooked/arranged food for a month.

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After the proper certification and diet plan are provided by the applicant’s treating physician and dietician, who may have previously treated the applicant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai and Hinduja Healthcare Hospital in Mumbai, respectively, the said dietary provision shall begin.

The judge said, “The court determines that neither the prosecution agency, the CBI, nor the custodial authority, the Central Jail, have any unique legal standing to refuse a special diet to a detainee who is medically recommended or entitled to one. The court determines that the current applicant/accused is qualified for such a diet.”

Dheeraj Wadhawan’s attorney, Vijay Aggarwal, stood on his behalf and claimed that the applicant had many medical conditions that had led to his prior hospitalizations in different facilities.

He argued that the applicant needed a specific diet and that it would be better to arrange this privately rather than via the prison administration.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) detained Kapil and Dheeraj Rajesh Wadhawan in July concerning an alleged bank fraud by DHFL of 34,615 crores.

The CBI claims that the two defendants are the primary planners of the concerted diversion of loan amounts totaling approximately 29,000 crores ($29 billion) out of the about 34,000 crores ($34 billion) in non-performing assets (NPA) concerning the about 42,000 crores ($42,000) in total loans advanced to M/s Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL).

According to the CBI, the Union Bank of India, the complaining bank, and other banks that made up a consortium of 17 Indian banks granted these loans to DHFL, a non-banking financing organization that provides financial help to members of the low- and middle-income group so they may purchase homes.

CBI previously claimed that an independent assessment of the money the consortium financed to the DHFL indicated that the money had been distributed by the DHFL to people and organizations having connections to the DHFL promoters and directors.

Out of 35 such organizations, 25 had little to no activity yet received loans from DHFL, according to the CBI. After then, 31 other linked entities are said to have appeared.

Approximately 29,000 crores have reportedly been routed to these 66 businesses.