Dragon Tamer Gift codes

Dragon Tamer Gift codes: Dragon Tamer is a turn-based tactical board game that tests your skills in the training and perfection of dragons. You can breed new species, train dragons, and unlock new skills. Your Dragon Island paradise can be created, designed, and grown.

You can compete against Dragon Tamers from around the globe, participate in League events, fight at the Stadiums, or climb the scoreboards. You can collect dragon eggs, hatch new dragons and create your league. 

There are over 100 dragons to be collected. Here are the Dragon Tamer Gift Codes for lots of rewards in the game.

Gift codes for Dragon Tamer

These are the Dragon Tamer Gift Codes.

  • DRAGONTAMER – Redeem code for x1 Summoning Scroll, x100 Gems, x1 Epic Dragonbrand
  • DT2021 – Redeem code for x1 Golden Raging Fire Statue, x1 Frame, x50k Food, x100k Gold, x1 Avatar
  • socks – Redeem code for x1 Avatar
  • yvonnie – Redeem code for x1 Avatar
  • bidw – Redeem code for x1 Avatar
  • Discord Code – Redeem code for x200k Food, x50 Gems, x2 Red Flowers

Edit #1 At the moment, all of these codes have expired. Please bookmark this page (Ctrl+D ) as we will quickly add codes when they are available. We expect the developers to add new regulations very soon.

How do I redeem codes?

Here are the steps to redeem Dragon Tamer codes:

  1. Start the game
  2. Click the Settings link
  3. This is the one that has the gear icon
  4. It is located at the top right of the screen
  5. Click on Support from the left lab
  6. Click on “Gift Code”.
  7. Now is the time to open a new redemption window
  8. Copy and paste a code from your life
  9. To redeem, click on

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