Drivers flee Pasir Ris-flooded cars after the water rises

Drivers flee Pasir Ris-flooded cars after the water rises to their waists

Singapore: Rainwater seeped into her car and rose above her ankles in five minutes. Mrs. Nick Ang (56), a Gojek driver, had a passenger in her back seat. 

They decided to abandon the Mazda 3 in the middle road after it started filling up with more water Friday morning (Aug 20).

She said, “I thought that I could accelerate through the flood and step on the gas, but the middle was so deep that my car would become stuck. Also, read 36 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in Singapore in last 24 hours

As the water rose, I didn’t panic. I put my valuables in a paper bag and was ready to go.”

Mrs. Ang was one of 13 drivers whose vehicles had become partially submerged and stuck at the junction of Tampines Avenue 10. And Pasir Ris Drive 12 on Friday, after heavy rain caused a flash flood there at about 7 am.

Despite their quick decision not to leave, water began filling Mrs. Ang’s car quickly. Soon, it reached their waists as torrential rains caused floodwaters to rise outside.

Mrs. Ang stated that she instructed her passenger to open the car slowly. They then waded through waist-deep water outside to find shelter.

“If we waited longer, we wouldn’t have been in a position to open the car doors. She said that we would have to stay inside.

Ms. Erny Muhd Yazid, 39, a kindergarten teacher, was also caught in the flood.

She was driving her husband to Pasir Ris in their black Kia Cerato Forte when she noticed the flooded intersection.

“There was a car ahead of us that had passed through the flood. My husband followed but got stuck at the intersection. She said that he couldn’t accelerate.

She said that water began to seep into the car two minutes later. They decided whether she should abandon the vehicle.

“I was afraid that the water would rise, and we would become trapped inside,” she said. Due to the water pressure, it was difficult for car doors to be opened,” she explained.

“I came out and was soaked from the waist down. I was very traumatized and scared. My car was going to explode.

Ms. Erny, Mrs. Ang waited for three hours before their cars were towed.

Mrs. Ang claimed she was cold and hungry because she didn’t bring an umbrella. But she still considers herself lucky.

Two fire engines and two ambulances were sent by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Firefighters saved five people from four vehicles. They carried them through the water on their backs to higher ground.

Two elderly people were riding in the same vehicle. One of them was suffering from leg pain and was taken to Changi General Hospital.

The rescue operation tool a dozen of SCDF staff. However, the national water agency PUB and the Land Transport Authority are investigating the flood’s cause.


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