Dyson Sphere program hits 1.7 million sales

Dyson Sphere program hits 1.7 million sales.

The Dyson Sphere program proved to be a delightful take on the factory building genre when it launched earlier this year, and that was reflected in the player count. Now, developers have announced that the game has reached 1.7 million copies sold and provided the first details on what to expect from the next combat system.

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The combat is still in the initial design phase, but will focus on “defense, exploration, expansion, and extermination.” (Hoping the ‘3X and a D’ genre turns into something.) The developers expect “a lot” of enemies to attack your base, and early concept art fragments show defensive turret structures. There will also be space enemies of various challenge levels scattered throughout the universe.

You will have the option to choose your combat difficulty or turn it off completely for a more peaceful building experience. Combat roles are the big focus for the team right now, although they are not expected to launch until the second half of 2022; Meanwhile, the developers say that you can still expect regular content updates in other areas.

You can check out some of the early pieces of art in the video below, starting at the 3:29 mark.


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