Fans are dissatisfied with Red Dead Online’s lack of updates.

Fans are dissatisfied with Red Dead Online’s lack of updates: GTA Online is by far Rockstar Games’ biggest earner. In 2020, GTA Online’s game made $2.5 million every day. 

Due to this, the game is regularly updated with significant updates to ensure that its players are happy. 

This isn’t the case regarding Red Dead Online, Rockstar’s other multiplayer game online.

 It hasn’t treated GTA Online with the same respect, and fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Fans are dissatisfied with Red Dead Online’s lack of updates

Fans Demand Rockstar to Refresh Red Dead Online

Red Dead fans have been using the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline to call for the attention of Rockstar.

 One tweet from a user said, “It’s almost been one month when Red Dead Online gave us the “major upgrade” (The Blood money update). Since then, the game has done, and this game has such tremendous potential.

 #Savereddeadonline” The last update to this game came in Blood Money.

This update brought missions and a brand new money system for Red Dead Online. 

In comparison to GTA Online’s most recent The Contract update, which includes new vehicles, missions, weapons, and music and appearances by celebrities, it’s clear why Red Dead fans are so dissatisfied. 

Rockstar is yet to respond to fans’ fury against Red Dead Online. Unfortunately, the company usually snoozes when they don’t have anything to make public, so it’s unclear when they’ll announce in response.


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