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Red Dead Redemption: Many games provide Molotov cocktails for a quick and straightforward set of fires and fight off enemies.

 While many players don’t observe anything on the bottles once they’ve started the fire, a player who took a close look attended to the amount of detail put into the game’s flame bottle animation.

Since its launch, Red Dead Redemption 2 has continually been awed by players’ focus on particulars. 

Red Dead Redemption:

There are still discoveries to made within the game.

Even if people ignore the more minor details for years.

Vaporizer posted a story about this find on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit. 

After throwing a fireball or molotov cocktail.

The user immediately changed onto red Dead Redemption‘s camera mode that allows players to freeze time. 

Red Dead Redemption:

From this point, you can watch them move their camera around.

showing tiny fragments of glass that fall from the bottle that smash on the ceiling.

Amazingly, the individual glass fragments realistically reflect light, allowing the player to gaze through them to see the blast. 

The light refracts in how one would expect to look towards something using a glass piece in real life. 

The level of detail that this shot offers on a solid object within the game would be impressive even if it wasn’t for the fact that capturing it in a frame like this.

Which is only visible for a brief moment, is remarkable.

It’s simple for Rockstar Games to cut corners similarly.Nobody would have believed less of the game because of it.

 But, while new technological advances and improvements in realism, such as the Valve liquid shader in Half-Life Alyx, have impressed a lot of players, it’s awe-inspiring to see this amount of detail in a video game that is limited to a short time.

The tiniest Red Dead Redemption 2 details continue to amaze even those who have invested hundreds of hours playing the game.

 From the tiny details in the eyes of Arthur Morgan to the fact how Micah behaves towards his animal badly.

The game continues to earn attention for the amount of effort put into the game.

The fans of Rockstar Games games have openly expressed hope.

The comments section of the game they release will have the exact details.

 Although the newly launched GTA Remastered Trilogy received a lot of criticism, it met with sharp criticism due to its numerous shortcomings.

 However, there are optimistic voices in the gaming community for the possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 will put in as much effort that Red Dead Redemption 2 put into it and maybe push it even more with the power of the following generation gaming systems.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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