FFXIV's 'Island Sanctuary' farming sim launch

FFXIV’s ‘Island Sanctuary’ farming sim launch: The new agricultural sim-like feature “Island Sanctuary” in FFXIV has piqued players’ interest, and Square Enix has now revealed further information. Here is what we currently know about the scheduled release of Final Fantasy XIV‘s single-player island-settling DLC.

Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

Update 6.25, anticipated to arrive in September, will include the Island Sanctuary content.

Update 6.2 and its sub-update 6.25 will release in late August. However, a specific date has not yet been made public.

What Has Changed at the Island Sanctuary in FFXIV?

You may utilize a whole instanced island as your agricultural sim if you use the Island Sanctuary function.

FFXIV’s ‘Island Sanctuary’ farming sim launch

You may assemble island-specific supplies and maintain a separate inventory. After that, you may create things using these resources to make your gathering more efficient.

You may raise crops from specialized seeds and care for various critters, including rare animals and creatures with unusual coloring. But, of course, every animal has a name.

You may create your base of operations, alter how it looks, and access tools for expanding it. Then you may let your preferred minions free to roam the area.

Additionally, there is a business component since you may produce handicrafts that you can export and exchange with NPCs for island-specific money. You may buy specific incentives with the cash you earn.

Of course, you may also utilize the island to meet up with friends and members of your accessible business for socializing.

This completes the information on the Island Sanctuary feature and its release date for Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, there won’t be much time to wait for Final Fantasy XIV’s exclusive farming simulator feature.