Fight a Trainer in Pokemon Go with a Friend

Fight a Trainer in Pokemon Go with a Friend: Do you want to know how to use your Buddy to fight other trainers in Pokemon GO? We have you covered with this guide to the actions you must do to complete this Anniversary Event research objective. 

We’ll also go through how to challenge other players using the game’s numerous techniques in general.

How to Fight a Trainer in Pokemon Go with a Friend

You can come across a new challenge in Pokemon Go’s Anniversary Event that calls for you to engage in combat with your Buddy against another trainer. The following is what you can do to finish this:

First, feed three berries to your Pokemon to get them to follow you around.

Choose a Team Leader to practice within the menu’s “Battle” area.

Find your Buddy in the collection after you choose the Duel option (they should have a Buddy icon on their image.)

Pokemon GO still gives you the Anniversary goal prize whether you succeed or fail.

You may get the challenge’s prizes by completing this assignment and the other objectives of the event, as shown here:

Getting rewards for finishing the anniversary event

You may also participate in this event by engaging in a player-versus-player duel with your Buddy. We’ll provide specifics about the various game mechanics so you can succeed on this road.

Pokemon GO: How to Challenge Other Trainers

On Pokemon GO, there are three different methods for users to engage in combat with other trainers with their Buddy:

  • Scanning a Battle QR code
  • Playing remotely online
  • Joining the GO Battle League

So let’s examine each approach in more detail.

Trainers for Battle using the Battle QR Code

You may scan each other’s Battle Codes when you are close to other Pokemon GO players since remote play needs you to be at a certain friendship level. 

This strategy performs best when your opponent isn’t an Ultra Friend or Best Friend. However, trainers still need to be level 10 or above to use the QR code.

By selecting “Battle” from your Main Menu, those who are unsure how to obtain their Battle Code may do so. After doing this, all you have to do is scroll down to see the scannable option.

Battle Trainers for Online Remote Play

Remote duels are necessary for players far apart from one another if you have the proper buddy status. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to use this technique:

In the Map View of Pokemon GO, tap on your Trainer Profile.

Your Trainer Profile can be seen in the bottom left corner and features a circular representation of your character.

Trainer Profile in Pokemon GO

Choose the Trainer you wish to challenge under the “Friend” option.

Making Pokemon GO friends

The ‘Battle’ option may be found by scrolling through the Trainer’s profile.

You’ll notice the “Battle” sign next to the “Send Gift” and “Trade” icons on your friend’s profile. When you click this, you will see a list of leagues to join, including Great, Ultra, and Master. Select the one you want, and everything ought to be in order.

Remember that your friendship rating is insufficient if your “Battle” symbol is gray.

choosing the Pokemon GO battle option

becoming a part of the Pokemon GO League

Fighting in the Pokemon GO Leagues against a random online player is the last way to confront other Trainers.

 Using this technique, the game’s global matching system enables you to play against anyone anywhere. To use this tool, you must, however, abide by the regulations of each League.

Great League only allows you to use Pokemon with a maximum CP of 1,500, whereas Ultra League will enable you to use a maximum CP of 2,500. 

Finally, you may join the Master League, which has no fight restriction regulations, if you don’t like constraints. To compete in this event, Trainers must possess three or more Pokemon with 2,500 CP or above.

This article should help you understand how to use your Buddy to fight other trainers in Pokemon GO. While here, browse the relevant websites below and watch our tutorial on playing the game with your Buddy.