Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 Buried Memory

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 Buried Memory : One of the reasons why Final Fantasy XIV is among the top MMORPGs available is the constant stream of updates and new content. The next update is 6.2, known as Buried Memory.

The patch’s additions broken down on the Final Fantasy XIV website, starting with a brand-new main scenario quest. The Warrior of Light forces with Vrtra in the title character’s Buried Memory to look for his sister, the missing great wyrm Azdaja.

This quest is accompanied by several difficulties, which should be well-known to FF 14 players. The Fell Court of Troia dungeon is a floating castle in the sky, and the Abyssos raid takes place in a region of Pandemonium.

A new Sil’dihn Subterrane variation dungeon and a Containment Bay S1T7 unreal trial are also available.

The Island Sanctuary is also included in patch 6.2 for those who don’t like fighting. Players may raise crops and let their minions free on this “island paradise.”

Square Enix urges players to customize and personalize the island. The Buried Memory clip below gives you a glimpse at the Island Sanctuary and all the other stuff stated above.

Good news if that gets you excited: it will go online shortly. The August 23 release of Update 6.2.

On that Tuesday, the main scenario quest list will expand once again. In addition, the Duty Support system is also growing, exciting for those who want to explore previous dungeons.

With the patch, the Aery, the Keeper of the Lake, Snowcloak, Sohm Al, and the Vault join the roster. More system improvements “will be gradually incorporated in future updates,” according to Square.

Square also uses the Buried Memory clip to entice new players to “join over 25 million explorers worldwide.” You may peruse the list if you’re unsure about your place in the game’s server population.

Even though Square Enix’s financial situation isn’t great, Final Fantasy XIV is still quite popular.