Finish Destiny 2's A Glowing Solstice

Finish Destiny 2’s A Glowing Solstice: A Glowing Solstice is the fourth mission in the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event for Destiny 2. After completing the first three. Where you may get Silver Leaves, Silver Ash, and Kindling to improve your seasonal armor, Eva will give you this.

This walkthrough explains how to finish the A Glowing Solstice quest in the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event for Destiny 2.

Finish Destiny 2’s A Glowing Solstice

Steps For A Glistening Solstice

You may get A Glowing Solstice after finishing the missions Celebrating Solstice. A Guardian in Shining Armor, and Rekindle the Spark. Speaking with Eva in the Tower’s Courtyard and gaining Silver Leaves make these tasks accessible.

Step 1

Give tiny Kindling to any item of candescent armor as a starting phase. It must be the first time you apply this item to the armor to provide these pieces with tiny Kindling.

Any of the Challenges on the Event Card, which is located on the Quests page under the Director, may earn you Kindling.

Once the Kindling is unlocked, go to your inventory and choose a piece of candescent armor to activate the upgrade. On the menu, it will be on the very right-hand side.

Step 2

To any armor piece that already has little Kindling added. You must add a big Kindling by earning additional Kindling in a manner identical to the previous stage.

To make it larger, you will need two pieces of Kindling, which requires completing two challenges on your event card.

Once you acquire those Kindling, enter your inventory and apply it to any armor pieces that already have a Kindling upgrade.