Fire Broke out at Indonesian jail kills 41 people

Fire Broke out at Indonesian jail kills 41 people

At least 41 people were killed in Indonesia following a fire at an overcrowded prison near Jakarta.

The fire broke out at Tangerang prison in the early hours on Wednesday morning while most prisoners were asleep.

Block C, the prison block affected by the fire, had 122 inmates. It is far more than the 40-person maximum.

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Among the victims are foreigners, including South African inmates and prisoners from Portugal.

In a press conference, Yasonna Laoly, Indonesia’s Minister for Law and Human Rights, stated that they had sent information to the embassies.

Laoly stated that several rooms in the prison block were locked and couldn’t be opened when the fire spread.

This block was home to inmates who were being held for drug-related offenses. 

The victim of the murder was one, while the other was found guilty of terrorism. 

All the others were held in prison for drug-related crimes.

Several more people are injured and some are in ICU.

A short circuit is believed to have caused the fire. However, the spokesperson for the Indonesian jail did not confirm it yet.

The entire building had 15 guards on duty. It housed 2,000 prisoners, far more than the 600-person maximum. 

In Indonesian prisons, prison overcapacity continues to be a problem.


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