Fix the Stuck Loading Assets Glitch in COD Modern Warfare

 Fix the Stuck On Loading Assets Glitch in COD Modern Warfare: COD Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter online game. Every now and often, a bug or issue will pop up. It’s not uncommon for problems like this to happen, but they can be challenging to solve when it does.

 This is the case with this Loading Assets glitch. When this glitch occurs, it will display an error message that states it is Stuck in loading assets. This article will explain how to resolve the Loading Assets glitch within COD Modern Warfare.

COD Modern Warfare – Stuck On Loading Assets Glitch Fix

The solution to this Loading Assets glitch and Stuck on the Loading of Assets issue in COD: MW is relatively easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • After you have finished playing a Match, back out.
  • After you have backed out of Matchmaking, start another session and keep playing until you are done.
  • If necessary, restart your game and device.
  • This could be an interim solution to the issue.

However, why does the Loading Assets Glitch happen on the COD Modern Warfare? There isn’t a definitive answer since the glitch is still present even after numerous changes to the game. 

Overall, it is necessary to refresh your game client regularly, restarting to enjoy COD Modern Warfare. This is a temporary solution since a bug within the system causes this glitch.

 The glitch will manifest in the form of an appearing page with a message that reads stuck on loading assets. It will keep flickering through screens until it ceases to function. The only way to make it disappear is if the Devs can find a permanent solution. In the meantime, you, the player, will need to restart Matchmaking after each game.

This guide will help you resolve this Loading Assets Glitch and Stuck on Loading Assets glitch on COD Modern Warfare. I hope that this guide has been able to help you solve the issue. Also, you can go through our other guides, such as fixing the COD Modern Warfare Party & Crossplay Problems with Crossplay that are not working.