fly into the energy field of the Collider in Fortnite

 fly into the energy field of the Collider in Fortnite: The most recent Fortnite update introduced The Week 10- Seasonal Quests that players need to complete to gain points.

 Chapter 3, season 2 of Season 2, is wrapping up in the last couple of weeks, and it is the ideal moment to gain even more XP and battle stars to obtain all the cosmetics available from The Battle pass. 

One of the quests of Week 10 is to take off into the energy field of the Collider. The completion of this Quest will award players with an XP of 20,000.

fly into the energy field of the Collider in Fortnite

The Collider is a brand-new POI within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, full of hostile NPCs. As a result, the players can anticipate a multitude of opponents to be in the area to pick up high-quality loot, making it challenging to complete Quests. 

But, there’s an effective method to fly into the Collider’s power without landing on the POI. So, it is necessary to quit the battle bus and then try landing at the top of the massive Collider to complete this Quest quickly.

The energy of the Collider keeps the player afloat. This means that you can fly longer when floating on the top of the building. This method ends the Quest, however, but it also ensures that players are safe from combat. 

If you aren’t able to succeed on your first attempt. Try to land on one among the IO bouncers located across the POI. Utilize the bouncer to leap into the sky and then launch your glider.

 We suggest players acquire a weapon before landing on the ground. As you’ll be fighting at every turn in this brand new POI.

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