Patch the Imagined into a Loudspeaker In Sanctuary in Fortnite

Patch the Imagined into Loudspeaker in Fortnite:  Week 10 of the Fortnite Season 2 Resistance questline has arrived. But, of course, you know what that means. 

It’s time to solve all the crazy quests. We’ll start by handling How to Patch The Imagined into an audio system in Sanctuary Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2.

Patch the Imagined into Loudspeaker in Fortnite

How To Establish Device Uplink

Before moving on to the quest, we need to clear the opening objective. We must now “Establish Device Uplink Near Sanctuary.” There are three locations where you can do this. 

We chose the southernmost.

The hologram audio log can find on the hill overlooking Sanctuary. To progress the quest, you will need to touch it.

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How to Make the Imagined into a Sanctuary Loudspeaker

How to make The Imagined into a Loudspeaker in Sanctuary

  1. Once you have touched the hologram audiology, you will be able to receive the main quest objective.
  2. You’ll need to “Patch The Imagined to a Loudspeaker In Sanctuary.” There are three places to do this.
  3. You can locate the closest loudspeaker in the south of Sanctuary.
  4. It’s located not too far south of the C on the Sanctuary map label.
  5. It glows when you’re close to it, so it’s difficult to miss.
  6. Just hold the “Override Loudspeaker” button to complete the quest.

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The first quest is over. This is all you need to know to make The Imagined into a loudspeaker at Sanctuary in Fortnite Chapter 3. Season 2. We will continue to guide and assist you as you complete the remaining 10 Resistance quests.