In late June 2022, Four games leave Xbox Game Pass.

Four games leave Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft offers two membership services for video games: Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. These services provide consumers access to a regularly updated library of no-charge games from a wide range of publishers for a flat monthly fee.

Some of the games accessible right now will be gone later because of this monthly cycle.

A couple of the Xbox Game Pass’s current game offerings will shortly be rotated out of the store. So getting these games if they appeal to you before they sell out is crucial.

Four games leave Xbox Game Pass

On June 30, the following titles will no longer include in the Xbox Game Pass rotation:

  • Evolution of the Dinosaurs
  • 21st MotoGP
  • Next Stop
  • FIFA 20

These titles won’t be accessible on Xbox Game Pass after June 30. However, there will be a fresh collection of games accessible for you to choose from after that.

Fortunately, as long as you continue to have an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass membership, if you install any of these titles before they go, you will still be able to play them when they do.

These titles will also be available in the shop for less money if you have an Xbox Game Pass membership. So make sure to purchase them at a discounted price before canceling your Game Pass subscription if you like any of these titles but don’t want to keep it going.

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