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G7 advises Russia of “massive repercussions” If Ukraine is attacked

G7 advises Russia of “massive repercussions” If Ukraine is attacked. 

Russia is in danger of enormous consequences and hefty costs if president Vladimir Putin attacks Ukraine, the G7 countries warned in an announcement on Sunday.

U.S. intelligence assesses that Russia might be planning an offensive with multiple fronts on Ukraine from as early as next year, with as many as 175,000 troops.

The Kremlin has denied plans to invade and insists that Russophobia engulfs the West. Moreover, Moscow declares that NATO’s expansion could threaten Russia. 

At a conference within the Northern English city Liverpool, the G7 representatives said they had united disapproval of Russia’s military expansion close to Ukraine and demanded Moscow stop the escalation.

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“Russia should not be in any doubt that any further military action against Ukraine will have huge consequences and a high cost in the aftermath,” said the statement that confirmed the draft version of the statement first revealed by the media.

“We reiterate our unwavering dedication to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine as well as the sovereignty of any sovereign state to decide on its destiny.”

A statement issued from the Russian Embassy in London on the evening of Saturday just before meeting participants in the G7 document was published in the press. 

It claimed that Britain’s frequent use of the word “Russian aggressiveness” at the Liverpool meeting was a lie and intended to cause the G7 to come together around.

“Russia has made many offers to NATO to reduce tensions. The G7 conference could be an opportunity for discussion. However, so far, we’ve heard nothing more than aggressive rhetoric,” the embassy statement stated.

For Moscow, the expanding NATO support for a neighboring former Soviet republic and what it regards as the dreadful possibility of alliance missiles being launched in Ukraine directed at Russia is an indication of a “red line” it will not permit to cross.

Putin has requested legally binding security guarantees to ensure that NATO will not extend further east or move its arms near Russian territories. However, Washington has repeatedly stated that there is no way for Ukraine to veto NATO plans.

In 2014, Russia took over Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula of Crimea from Ukraine. It prompted the West to enforce sanctions against Russia.

The Kremlin on Sunday claimed that Putin stated to U.S. President Joe Biden that Russian troops were not a threat. 

Unfortunately, Moscow was being criticized for deploying troops across their territory. Putin, as well as Biden, are set to continue discussions, Moscow said.



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