Gain Loyalty in Minecraft

Gain Loyalty in Minecraft : With the release of the Java Edition 1.13 Aquatic Update in 2019, Loyalty was first added to Minecraft. Since then, it’s been a very popular enchantment in the game.

Since it lets you live out your Aquaman fantasies, such as tossing a trident and having it return to you.
Before you can accomplish it, you must first enchant a trident with Loyalty. Here’s how to obtain Loyalty and what it does in Minecraft.

Here’s How to Get Loyalty in Minecraft and What It Does.

While the application of Loyalty is relatively limited, it is nevertheless a valuable enchantment. It’s not only practical, but it’s also really cool. So let’s speak about what it does before exploring how to obtain it.

What Does It Do?

Loyalty is a new enchantment that may be put on any trident in the game, thanks to the Aquatic Update. Your trident will instantly return to you after you toss it if you enchant it with Loyalty.

When you throw a trident charmed with Loyalty, it will return to your hand after it falls on its target.

Let’s speak about how to obtain Loyalty now that we know what it does.

How to Obtain It

It would help if you first created an Enchanted Book to get this enchantment. You’ll need a book and Lapis Lazuli for this.

Open the Enchant menu and put the book in the first section with those in hand. Then, in the remaining portions, insert three Lapis Lazuli. This will create an Enchantment Book, allowing you to use Loyalty to enchant tridents.

Go to an enchanting table or anvil to do so. Place the trident on the ground after opening the options. Locate Loyalty in your Enchantment Book and pick it. You’ll be all set if you enchant the trident.

How to Gain Loyalty in Minecraft and What It Means

To try out this new enchantment, toss a trident.

That concludes our lesson on how to get Loyalty in Minecraft and what it accomplishes.

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