Genshin Impact 2.8 Red Dead of Night Outfit Unlock

Genshin Impact 2.8 Red Dead of Night Outfit Unlock: Fans of Diluc may now purchase the character’s brand-new Red Dead of Night attire thanks to the Genshin Impact 2.8 update, which is now available on all platforms.

One of Diluc’s disguises for covert operations, it has the appearance of a flame flickering in the dark. We’ll walk you through every step of the procedure so you can acquire Diluc’s Red Dead of Night costume in Genshin Impact 2.8.

Impact of Genshin: How to Acquire Diluc’s Red Dead of Night Outfit

Diluc’s Outfit from Red Dead of Night Genshin Impact

Following the Genshin Impact 2.8 update, Diluc’s costume “Red Dead of Night” will always be accessible in the Shop. Unfortunately, there is just one available regular outfit, which costs 2,480 Genesis Crystals.

The good news is that HoYoverse has provided a limited-time discount when you buy “Red Dead of Night” from the beginning of the Version 2.8 release until 2022/08/22 03:59 (Server Time).

The outfit is available for purchase at the current time for 1,980 Genesis Crystals. Approximately 1,980 Genesis Crystals are available in Genshin Impact for $29.99.

  • Diluc is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact whose actual name is Diluc Ragnvindr, in case you weren’t already familiar with him.
  • Diluc, a 5-star character with powerful Pyro attacks utilizing his unique Claymore weapon. Diluc may unlock via wishes, much as the majority of other characters, and his new attire can then unlock.

Genshin Impact 2.8 Red Dead of Night Outfit Unlock

Methods for obtaining Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact

Using actual money, players may buy Genesis Crystals, a premium Genshin Impact currency, from the in-game store. Find the crystal denomination that best suits your needs by navigating to the Genshin Impact Crystal Top-Up area.

To finish the transaction, buy the outfit using your Genesis Crystals wallet.

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