Genshin Impact's Kid Kujirai locations all

Genshin Impact’s Kid Kujirai locations all: You may have seen a peculiar Inazuman youngster loitering in potentially hazardous spots. Kid Kujirai, an NPC, is well-equipped to live on their own while being more than a little weird. Kid Kujirai can defend himself when out and about using explosive Temari (the orbs that youngsters use for games).

However, all of that is irrelevant since Kid Kujirai wants to play a game of Temari with you. If you agree, you’ll be able to get some decent prizes. Here are the locations of every Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s Kid Kujirai locations all

Getting Going

You must finish the “Temari Game” task, which is just outside Inazuma City’s entrance, to access Kid Kujirai. By doing this, you may engage with and accomplish the studies presented by the Kid Kujirais located everywhere in Inazuma.

If you want to play Temari with a buddy. This also enables Co-Op Temari Games.

The various sites of Kid Kujirai in Inazuma are listed below:


Island of Narukami

On the seaside, little to the northwest of the Grand Narukami Shrine

On the plateau of the island east of Inazuma City

Island of Seirai

N.W. of Koseki Village


On the rocks below the top, south of Tatarasuna.

To the north of Tatarasuna

Island of Yashiori

Inside the massive beast’s skull was a Serpent’s Head.

Underneath Jakotsu Mine. This place is accessible from underneath the enormous skull.

Island of Watatsumi

North of the shrine, at the center of the spiral’s northern section, on a tiny island.

You may get an accomplishment and a priceless chest with random stuff by playing Temari three times with a Kid Kujirai (Kujiari Art, Hidden Jutsu, worth five Primogems.) There are no further motivations to play Temari other than enjoying yourself once the prizes have acquired.