Get All Fortnite Cosmetics From Fall Guys Challenges

Get All Fortnite Cosmetics From Fall Guys Challenges: Fall Guys has just gone free-to-play, and to celebrate, there is an event where you can win Fortnite cosmetics. Obtaining every Fortnite cosmetic from the Fall Guys tasks explain here.

Fall Guys Obstacles

To begin with, you must confirm that the Epic Games account you use to play Fortnite, and the one on which you are playing Fall Guys are connected.

Players of Fall Guys will be able to advance the Crown Clash tasks starting now until Monday, July 11, 2022, and when you do so, Fortnite goods will unlock. There are five tasks to do and five rewards to get.

Get All Fortnite Cosmetics From Fall Guys Challenges

The Crown Clash tasks are as follows:

  • Ten Rounds on Any Show
  • 20 Rounds in Any Show, Play
  • 40 Rounds in Any Show, Play
  • Take Part in 70 Rounds of Any Show
  • Any Show: 100 Rounds to Play

No matter where you place, all that matters is that you complete a match. It’s critical to remember that to leave the competition, you must be eliminated.

Fortnite cosmetics you may earn.

  • Emoticon “Stacked With Love”
  • The Flap Jax set, brand-new to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, includes all five items.
  • You might gain:
  • Spray! Stack (10 Rounds)
  • Emoticon “Stacked With Love” (20 Rounds)
  • Back Waffler Bling (40 Rounds)
  • a tool for harvesting sweet clementines (70 Rounds)
  • Major Pancake Ensemble (100 Rounds)

You now have all the information you want on how to complete the Fall Guys tasks and get all Fortnite cosmetics. Check out the associated articles below for extra helpful information on both games.