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How do I get Coupons for Merch within Pet Simulator X?

get Coupons for Merch within Pet Simulator X: Many Pet Simulator X players have expressed confusion over the game’s merch code.

 Many have attempted to enter the codes for regular gameplay only to receive an error message that said the code was invalid.

 The merch and regular game codes differ and cannot be interchanged.

 Merch codes can be obtained differently and give different rewards. Therefore, we’d like to shed information on these codes and provide you with the exact method to get merch codes within Pet Simulator X.

What are Codes, and how do you Find Them?

Coupons for the merchandise.

Players earn by purchasing various BIG Game products. Additionally, customers can visit their Big Games Online Store to see their creations. 

Every item advertised to be sold with the “Exclusive Coupon” will come with a Merch Code that you can use within the game.

 These codes aren’t identical to average Pet Simulator X Game Codes and must be entered differently.

The codes are only valid for one time So, buying BIG Game products outside of their official store won’t give you codes. 

They are likely to already be in use. However, there is no BIG Game store available. 

BIG Game store is only selling some plushies, and they’re all gone. So it will be a while until they replenish for you to buy the official BIG Game Plushie.

If you receive a unique code, you will likely have a Mythical special pet.

The rewards may differ from player to participant, but currently, the standard appears to be a Mythical Pet reward.

How do I Redeem Pet Simulator X Merch Codes?

Redeeming Merch codes within Pet Simulator X is straightforward and nearly identical to the standard code procedure.

  1. Play Open Pet Simulator X in Roblox
  2. Start your Shop by pressing the plus next to your diamonds.
  3. Near the top, look for towards the top, locate the ” Redeem for Exclusive Pets!” box, and tap Redeem
  4. You can enter your code into the redemption box.
  5. Tap Redeem! for a chance to win your prize


This is all there is to redeem. The tricky part is finding the codes.

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