Get the Fallout 76 Tesla Rifle plans

Get the Fallout 76 Tesla Rifle plans: One of the most sought-after weapons in Fallout 76 is the Tesla Rifle. Unfortunately, the size of this weapon belies its powerful punch, which electrocutes foes caught in its onslaught.

This Tesla rifle fires an electrical arch into the target that may then spread to any adjacent enemies. You may modify this already lethal weapon further to improve its damage.

How to purchase a Tesla rifle

Like most weaponry, the Tesla Rifle may be acquired by just finishing missions and open-air activities. However, if dealers have this weapon in stock, you may also get it from them.

In The Rusty Pick, you may purchase legendary Tesla Rifles without making or acquiring one from the Purveyor. Unfortunately, deathclaws are the foe with the greatest likelihood of dropping a Tesla Rifle.

How to get the designs for the Tesla Rifle

It would help if you first got the Tesla Rifle’s blueprints to build one. This is much simpler to get than some of the other weapon blueprints in the game since there are several methods.

If you don’t want to pay money, one of the best methods to get the Tesla Rifle plans is by looking through containers in the Ash Heap, Mire, and Cranberry Bog.

In addition to looking, you may also kill numerous enemies in the exact three locations to potentially find the plans. If you are level 40 or above and don’t mind paying some Caps, you may buy the Tesla Rifle Plans from Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga.

Get the Fallout 76 Tesla Rifle plans

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Creating the Tesla Rifle

Once you have the Tesla Rifle’s schematics, you may assemble it at any available weapons workshop. To make it, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Adhesive 16
  • Circuitry 11
  • 7 Crystals
  • 7 Nuclear Substances
  • Plastic 15
  • 20 Screws
  • 25 Steel

At level 50, the abovementioned ingredients will provide you access to a Tesla Rifle. You may also create a group 40 Tesla Rifle for a little bit less material.