Get the Lost Ark achievement Just Our Secret

Get the Lost Ark achievement Just Our Secret: There are several milestones in Lost Ark, some of which even provide benefits like roster XP. There is a motivation to get as many achievements as possible in Lost Ark, unlike other games that utilize them as trinkets or successes.

Although accumulating accomplishments may not be the most effective or time-saving approach to improve your account, it’s still a good idea to be aware of how to do so.

This article will explain how to unlock the “Just Our Secret accomplishment,” one of these achievements.

What in the Lost Ark are Secret Maps?

Utilizing Lost Ark’s Secret Map feature will allow you to get the Just Our Secret achievement. Secret Maps are unique objects that may use to open up underground dungeons on various maps.

These dungeons are brief and straightforward, yet they provide significant prizes such as bags containing Life Shards, Protection Materials, and Engraving Recipes. You only need to go to the spot that each Secret Map indicates is in that region.

There is also a collaboration component to Secret Maps. You may invite other teams or gamers to join you on your Secret Maps and share in the riches by sharing your Secret Maps with them.

Similarly, you may join others and get shares for other maps. Players often create groups of four and share all of their maps to maximize efficiency.

Chaos Gates are planned dungeons that take place at certain times and may be completed to acquire Secret Maps. By looking at your in-game calendar, you can determine when a Chaos Gate will occur.

The rarities of Secret Maps include Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Relic (Relic only at higher Item Levels). The greater your prizes are, the rarer the map is.

How to get the Lost Ark achievement Just Our Secret

The Just Our Secret accomplishment becomes available when you share your first Secret Map. You will get 520 Roster XP when you first acquire this accomplishment.

Achievements in Lost Ark, however, function in tiers. An accomplishment is not always finished just because you unlocked it. Instead, there are five levels of accomplishment fulfillment.

You must distribute 100 Secret Maps to ultimately accomplish the Just Our Secret award. The details of how this accomplishment operates are as follows:

  • Give one secret map (520 XP)
  • Share ten cryptic maps (670 XP)
  • 25 Secret Maps to Share (820 XP)
  • 50 Secret Maps to Share (1120 XP)
  • Give away 100 Secret Maps (1490 XP)

It’s not as easy as just sharing one map, however. To ultimately accomplish this achievement, you’ll need a lot of maps.

But if you want to succeed in the game, you should often use Secret Maps. This lessens the ache since you ought to get this objective organically.

That is all there is to know about the Lost Ark accomplishment, Just Our Secret. As many Secret Maps as you can be collected and finished.