Google will delete users' abortion clinic and domestic violence

Google will delete users’ abortion clinic and domestic violence: Google stated on Friday. That it would erase users’ location information when they go to domestic abuse shelters. Abortion clinics, or other locations where privacy is desired.

In a blog post, Jen Fitzpatrick, a senior vice president at Google, said that “if our algorithms detect that someone has visited one of these venues. We will erase these records from Location History shortly after they visit.” In the following weeks, this modification will go into effect.

Other locations from which Google will not keep location data include weight reduction clinics, fertility clinics, and centers for addiction treatment.

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The declaration comes a week after the US Supreme Court announced the historic decision to deny American women their constitutional right to an abortion. Which sparked widespread demonstrations nationwide and forced a dozen states to outlaw or severely limit the operation.

To prevent law enforcement from using the data collected by Google and other digital firms for abortion-related investigations and prosecutions, activists and lawmakers have been urging them to do so.

Additionally, Fitzpatrick wanted to reassure customers that the business takes data protection seriously.

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She said, “Google has a long history of fighting back against too broad requests from law enforcement. Including opposing specific requests outright.

Google will delete users’ abortion clinic and domestic violence

We consider the privacy and security expectations of customers who use our goods. And let them know when we abide by legal requirements.

Even before the Supreme Court decision, concerns about smartphone data and reproductive rights were raised when several conservative US states approved legislation. In recent months granting citizens the ability to sue physicians who perform abortions or anybody who aids in their facilitation.

Because of this, several prominent Democratic legislators sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in May pleading with him to cease collecting smartphone location data lest.

It use by “far-right extremists aiming to clamp down on those seeking reproductive health care.”

Social media sites have made various declarations to delete information about abortions following the Supreme Court decision.

Big Tech corporations that collect user personal information are now facing new requests to restrict. Such monitoring and spying because abortion is now. Or soon will be, outlawed in over a dozen states and severely limited in many more.

One concern is that vigilantes or law police would use the databanks. Against persons looking for methods to prevent unintended pregnancies.

History has repeatedly shown that there is always a danger of exploitation. Or abuse anytime people’s personal information record and retained.

Since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion overturn by the Supreme Court on Friday, collected location data, text messages, search histories, emails, and what appears to be innocent period and ovulation-tracking apps could use to prosecute those who seek abortions or medical care for miscarriages, as well as those who help them.