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How To Play Co-Op (Multiplayer Guide) in Halo Infinite Campaign

Co-Op (Multiplayer Guide) in Halo Infinite Campaign: Halo is among the games with a well-known game with a famous and well-known multiplayer. This is because the games within this series provide the best co-op experience to players like you and your buddies. 

Even though Halo Infinite Campaign has been released, we haven’t yet found a way to play multiplayer co-op with your friends. So in this guide, let’s see if we can play as a co-op player within Halo Infinite Campaign, and If yes, how to play it.

How to Play Co-op in Halo Infinite Campaign

As of the writing time of this article, there’s no way to play in the campaign mode with co-op. However, you can play Multiplayer mode using split-screen on your Xbox PC, which means that PC gamers cannot play for co-op on the couch. Also, there is no campaign mode for both PC and Xbox players.

Regarding the question, what will happen to co-op options for Campaign Mode shortly? Sure, developers intend to launch a co-op mode soon. 

However, we shouldn’t be expecting that it will be released shortly. The game was already delayed in its development. If the developers had to co-op mode in the first launch, it could take longer to go live. As for whether the co-op feature will be offline, online, or both, developers are still awaiting confirmation that

If you plan to participate in the mode campaign of the game with your buddies, make sure to save this page. As soon as the game launches its co-op mode, we’ll make sure to update this guide with steps to play cooperatively.

This guide covers everything you should learn about playing co-op with friends in Halo Infinite Campaign & multiplayer guide. 

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