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How to Spread lime on Farming Simulator 22?

Spread lime on Farming Simulator 22: Spreading lime across your field is as vital to the success of Farming Simulator 22 as it could be in actual reality. In addition, fertilizing your garden can give you an additional 23% of crops or grains. 

Liming is equally important, helping increase the efficiency of harvesting. The good thing is that it’s not as hard as you think. 

However, this tutorial will look at how you can spread lime on Farming Simulator (FS) 22.

How to Spread lime on Farming Simulator 22?

  1. Plant the area in which you plan to spread the lime.
  2. Attach a lime fertilizer spreader to your tractor.
  3. Find a spot closer to your field, and switch on the fertilizer spreader. It will begin spreading lime over your area.

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How do I get the spreader for fertilizer and lime?

  1. Visit the local store using your tractor.
  2. Within the tools section, click Fertilizer Spreader.
  3. Purchase Bredal K10 Bredal K10 right here. This tool lets you fertilize and wash your crops. This tool costs $45,000 in-game.
  4. After that, go to the objects and choose BigBag pallets. From there, purchase Lizard Lime.
  5. When you purchase both the fertilizer spreader and the lime, it is possible to locate them in the shop.
  6. Make use of your tractor to connect it to the spreader for fertilizer.
  7. Then you need to align the tractor and fertilizer spreader to the BigBag Pallets and begin by filling up the spreader. If you require some help with how to fill the spreader, look up the guide for that.

If you do the steps mentioned above correctly, you will have your lime and fertilizer spreader ready in no time.

It covers all you should learn about spreading lime on Farming Simulator (FS) 22. However, if you are interested in playing this game, you can also check more detailed guides on GamerSpots.


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