Hurricane Nicholas hits the Texas coast

Hurricane Nicholas hits the Texas coast with strong winds and threatening rainfall. 

#Texas: Hurricane Nicholas hit the Texas coast on Tuesday morning. It brought up to 20 inches of rain to some parts of the Gulf Coast. 

Also, it includes the areas that Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017 and storm-battered Louisiana.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Nicholas landed in the eastern portion of the Matagorda Peninsula. 

It is approximately 10 miles west of Sargent Beach (Texas). Hurricane Nicholas’s speed was maximum winds of 75 mph.

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However, the most crucial unknown about Nicholas was the amount of rainfall in Texas, particularly in flood-prone Houston.

According to meteorologists, Hurricane Nicholas will become a rainmaker. A senior meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center, Eric Blake, predicts that Nicholas will pound the Texas coast with between 8 and 16 inches of rain.

Isolated maximum amounts of 20 inches may be possible during the middle of this week. In the rest of Texas and southwest Louisiana, it is possible to expect 5-10 inches.

Meanwhile, the hurricane center stated that “life-threatening flashes and urban flooding impacts are possible,” especially in the upper Texas Gulf Coast areas.

At the same time, flooding rivers was another concern. All those people who live nearby the river area are on high alert.

Officials in flood-prone Houston are concerned that heavy rains expected to arrive late Monday or early Tuesday could flood streets and flood homes. 

Mayor Sylvester Turner stated that authorities deployed high-water rescue vehicles all over the city and set up barricades in more than 40 areas susceptible to flooding.

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“This city is highly resilient. We know what to do. Turner said that they are familiar with the importance of preparing for floods. 

He was referring to four major flooding events that have struck Houston in recent years. Harvey caused severe damage and flooded over 150,000 homes.

Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, asked residents not to drive on Monday night to spare their lives. And the lives of any first responders who may be called to help them.

Hidalgo, the highest elected official in Harris County, stated that “What I need each resident do is get there you need to by 6 p.m., and stay there.”


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