Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite

Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite: There are two characters to fight, Hyperius and Tovarus, the killer duo from Banished during The Pelican Down mission.

 This is among the most brutal Boss fights of Halo Infinite’s story. Both are aggressive in defense and offense. You must beat both bosses to finish the mission. 

To aid you, we’ve put together a guide on how to beat Hyperius as well as Tovarus Halo Infinite.

Here’s our advice for defeating Hyperius and Tovarus to win in Halo Infinite.

Beat Hyperius first

  • Hyperius will be riding in a Brute chopper, located around the waterway in a shipwreck.
  • You can purchase the Rocket Launcher for damage to him by traveling to the northeastern area close to the arena.
  • Use the Grappleshot and a Quickshot to search the battlefield to get yourself weapons and other gear.
  • If you’re playing in the access mode or experiencing destruction, you can get the Brute Chopper and deal massive damages to Hyperius.
  • As you deal harm to Hyperius, Keep in mind to eliminate other enemies around you also.
  • First, eliminate his brute chopper, and then he’ll fall to the floor using a Ravager weapon.
  • While in the air, He can attack you using the Ravager as he uses Jet pack power to attack you quickly.
  • The mission doesn’t reset. If Hyperius and Tovarus quit you, the mission has been unsuccessful.
  • The damage you gave to the Brute Chopper is not reset. However, the damage you handed To Hyperius and Tovarus will reset.
  • With checkpoints, it is possible to begin the game from where it ended at that point.

Defeating Hyperius

    • When you’ve destroyed the Brute cutter, Hyperius will be on his feet, armed using the Ravager weapon.
    • Also, you can destroy Hyperius while he’s in the Chopper.
    • If not, be sure to remove Hyperius from a distance using a Pulse Carbine or a Sentinel Beam.
    • When his shield is damaged and destroyed, switch to a powerful or precision weapon to cause headshot damage.
    • Do significant damage to Hyperius from either the eastern or west side of the arena.
    • Find a cover and begin firing Hyperius from a distance.
    • The final stage of Hyperius on the western side, surrounded by rocks and trees, is practical as you can equip weapons close by.
    • You could also employ a Ravager placed on the ground to take out Hyperius.
    • The most important thing is to stay in the way of his attacks and deal him with the maximum possible damage.

Getting Rid of Reinforcements

      • The reinforcements will come after you’ve defeated Hyperius.
      • In the process of taking on Tovarus, Be sure to eliminate the reinforcements, as their combined force could cause devastating injury to you.

Defeating Tovarus

        • To take on Tovarus, you’ll require a kinetic weapon, a powerful weapon, as well as a lot of weapons.
        • You will meet his profile on the website using a Scrap Cannon.
        • This Scrap cannon is highly deadly when engaged in a close-range battle. Therefore, you should avoid distance from Tovarus when you are draining your shield Tovarus.
        • He will then run to the platform located on the west part of the arena when there are significant injuries.
        • Find the area and locate a rocket launcher or the Hydra when chasing him.
        • Once he’s onto the platform, strike him using the rocket launcher or Hydra to deplete the shield. Try to hit the head for serious injury.
        • Please use a Drop wall to make a temporary shield if his Scrap cannon is causing a lot of damage to you. You can keep at it to deplete his shield.
        • When his shield is gone, he then changes on a kinetic weapon such as Hydra or rocket launchers to bombard his opponent with grenades to take the guy.

This is all about overcoming the twin’s duo of Hyperius and Tovarus to win Halo Infinite. Be sure to look over the other Halo Infinite guides.