The Indian women’s hockey team reached the Olympic semifinals

The Indian women’s hockey team reached the Olympic semifinals.

As soon as the whistle blew at the end of the match, Rani Rampal hugged each other. Tears in the eyes of Sharmila Devi and Gurjit Kaur. But, this water is not pain but tears of joy. Most of all, the team reaches the semifinals for the first time in the Olympics.

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The history of the Indian women’s hockey team is when they defeated mighty Australia 1-0. The day before, Manpreet had reached the semifinals by beating the pride of Great Britain.

On this day, Rani Rampal hit the pride of Australia in the semifinal. Indian hockey in the golden age. ‘Chak de India’‌ holding the hand of Sword Margin.

What a genuinely incredible return. Reaching the quarter-finals was once uncertain. Defeat in the first three matches of Pool’ AA’. Great return from there. Impressive wins against Ireland and South Africa in two consecutive Group League matches.

However, India was not sure of reaching the quarter-finals. If Ireland had lost to Great Britain in the last match of the group league, then the last eight would have been cleared.

Ireland’s defeat to Britain brought India to the quarter-finals in the women’s hockey at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

India’s fight in the quarter-finals was not easy. The performance of the last two matches of the group league boosted confidence. Opponent Australia is far ahead in the rankings. However, Rani Rampala did not shrink.

The last interview against Australia showed the dream of Rani Rampal. However, Rani Rampal dreamed of an accident. Their hope was not entirely unreasonable, and it became proof.

India gave a great game against Australia. They drew the match 2–2 in the test event of the Tokyo Olympics in August 2019. “We can too,” said coach Sword Marigen in the team’s crew.

Indian vs Australia Women Hockey Match Overview:

From the beginning of the match, Australia took the attack by storm. I got a chance to score in 2 minutes.
The Indian defenders did not score a goal. Rani Rampal’s shot missed the target in the 9th minute.

Australia could not use the penalty corner in the 20th minute. On the contrary, in the 22nd minute, Gurjit Kaur, a penalty corner specialist, put India ahead from the penalty corner.

Then Australia became desperate to restore equality. But could not seize the opportunity.

It also creates opportunities. Australia increased the attacking pressure from the beginning of the second half. But under three, Indian goalkeeper Sabita Poonia became irresistible.

The Indian defense also showed great Munsiana. Australia could not use 7 penalty corners in the match.

Rani Rampal made history by reaching the semifinals by defeating one of the favorites to win gold in the Olympics.


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