Indians air force planes bring 108 Indians back home

Indians air force planes bring 108 Indians back home from Kabul.

A particular air force plane left Kabul and returned home with 16 passengers, including 107 Indians. This morning, the specific air force plane departed from Kabul for Delhi.

Early Sunday morning, two Air India and Indigo planes landed in Delhi with Indians stranded in Kabul.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arindam Bagchi, shared a photo of the repatriation of indigenous people on his social media account. The plane returned to Afghanistan at the Hindan airbase near Delhi.

Among the passengers arriving from Kabul were 24 Afghan Sikhs and two Afghan senators. Afghan Sikhs are being brought to Bangla Sahib Gurudwara.

Afghan Senator Narendra Singh burst into tears while speaking to the Khalsa news agency. He said: ‘I’m crying a lot, everything that was built in 20 years is finished. Now everything is zero. ‘

A video clip shared by Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi showed Indians panting after boarding an Air Force plane the same day. They also started shouting “Bharat Mata Ki Joy” on the plane.

The Center is trying to rescue the Indians from Kabul. Although all the Indian embassy staff has been repatriated to Kabul, it is reported that there are still several Indian nationals in Afghanistan.

The citizens of Afghanistan face daily challenges. The Center has formed a particular cell to rescue these citizens.

Sources said the Center was in ongoing talks with the US government to rescue the indigenous people of Kabul.

Because right now, security at the Kabul airport is in the hands of the US military.

The Taliban now rule all of Kabul. They are keeping a close eye on everything from traffic to checkpoints.

Getting to the Kabul airport has become the biggest challenge for the Indians in Kabul.


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