ISIS Planning to attack US Troops in Kabul Airport

ISIS Planning to attack US Troops in Kabul Airport.

At this time, the Taliban occupy almost entire Afghanistan. The US and foreign nationals are fleeing the country after militants seized the capital, Kabul. And the only way to escape is through the Kabul airport.

But the international militant group Islamic State (Khorasan) is planning an attack on the US-controlled Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The Taliban currently occupy all border posts with Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Iran. As a result, there is no speed to go from Afghanistan to another country, except the Kabul airport.

So far, Washington has evacuated some 16,000 people from the mountainous country. Work is still being done to rescue US citizens and foreigners over there.

In such a scenario, US President Joe Biden has indicated that he may keep troops in Afghanistan after August 31. And that is why the jihadists are very angry.

The Taliban have threatened the United States that the results will not be good if the deadline is not met. The situation is further complicated by the Islamic State’s plan to attack the Kabul airport.

The US military is looking for an alternative and safer way to enter the airport to prevent such an attack.

Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport has seen many incidents in recent days. The Taliban opened fire on the Afghans as they tried to reach the airport.

This time, the Taliban have imposed a ban on Afghans from going to the airport. Before coming to power, the Taliban promised that they would not participate in any act of violence and respect girls’ rights.

But in the workplace, the opposite is true. The women of Afghanistan are in extreme panic. At this point, the threat of an attack by the Islamic State has resurfaced.