Israelis fired and injured after visiting West Bank city

Israelis fired and injured after visiting West Bank city: The Israeli military said Tuesday that several Israelis were wounded overnight when they invaded the Palestinian city of Nablus in the West Bank and came under fire.

The Israelis seemed to have traveled independently to a sensitive site in the city. Typically, trips plan with the military and are subject to strict security measures.

The military said that after coming under fire, soldiers entered the city governed by the Palestinian Authority and its security forces to remove the Israelis.

Although it forbidden, some Israelis nonetheless go into the Palestinian-controlled territories.

Later, according to the military, armed Palestinians were engaging in firefights with soldiers in the city. However, it wasn’t immediately apparent if the incidents were related.

Since March, Israel has been raiding almost daily in the occupied West Bank, raising regional tensions.

On Tuesday’s operations in the West Bank, the army claimed to have detained 12 Palestinians. Including two males who were allegedly responsible for a gunshot last week.

After exchanging gunfire with Israeli soldiers in the hamlet of Rujib in the northern West Bank, close to Nablus, they capture.

A structure in Rujib shaken by an explosion followed by frenzied shooting. Later, the two wanted guys emerged from the home and turned themselves in.

After a string of fatal assaults on Israelis that left 19 individuals dead, the raids carried out.

Since the beginning of the year, dozens of Palestinians have died, the military reports. Many of them terrorists or participants in conflicts with Israeli troops. However, there have also been fatalities among the populace.

While Muslims claim a sheik buried there, some Jews think the Nablus tomb contains the remains of the biblical Joseph.

Jewish pilgrims are escorted by the army many times a year in cooperation with Palestinian security forces to the location, also known as Joseph’s Tomb, by Jews.

The location has again become a hotspot as violence between Israelis and Palestinians erupted this year.

A hundred or more Palestinians attempted to torch Joseph’s Tomb in April before dispersed by Palestinian security forces.

Social media posts included pictures of the shrine’s inside tomb, broken and burned.

The Israeli military said earlier this month that the personnel guarding Jewish pilgrims to the site came under fire and fired back.

In the conflict, an 18-year-old Palestinian male died.