'It's not Shinde Sena but Goonde Sena': Shivsena leader slams Eknath faction

The Alternative Before the Maharashtra Legislature Session began on Wednesday, Maha Vikas Aghadi assailed Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde after two of his MLAs made headlines on Tuesday, one for professing violence and the other for actually using it.

Prakash Surve from Magathane (Mumbai) and Santosh Bangar from Kalamnuri (Hingoli) are the two lawmakers whose hateful comments and conduct have gone viral on social media and sparked vehement responses.

Ajit Pawar, the leader of the opposition for the Nationalist Congress Party, was horrified and wondered mockingly why the dictatorship, whose destiny is still up for debate in the Supreme Court, exhibits so much “masti.”

Following approval from Sena President and former chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena Deputy Leader Raghunath Kuchik blasted the CM’s Group, calling it “not Shinde Sena but Goonde Sena,” and even threatened vengeance.

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As they are now instigating violence and engaging in violent activities against a government employee, Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole questioned if — after unlawfully gaining power — “power has gone to their heads.” The party would bring up the issue in the Legislature.

Atul Londhe, the top spokesman for the Congress, attacked the governing coalition of the Shinde Group and Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party MPs must never overstep their bounds since doing so would bring anarchy to democracy.

“They are carrying out all of these actions now, and tomorrow they will operate “Kangaroo Courts” to administer swift justice at their whim. The CM and DCM must take stern, exemplary measures against the disobedient MLAs, according to the Congress “said Londhe.

Speaking at a meeting on Sunday, Surve warned that while the Shinde Group won’t fight anybody, they won’t spare anyone who provokes them. He added ominously, “Nobody’s ‘dadagiri’ (bullying) would be permitted. You smash them up. I will defend you.

“Break their legs if you can’t break their arms. “Thok do,” tell them where they belong. Don’t worry; the next day, I, Prakash Surve, will have you released on bail “Even as his band of followers roared in glee, the Shinde Group MLA thundered.

On Monday, Bangar allegedly went further and threatened, physically assaulted, and verbally abused a catering manager for allegedly serving subpar midday meals to unorganized laborers in the Hingoli neighborhood.

Using the excuse that he had received complaints, Bangar yelled and insulted the unnamed manager before slapping him for dishing out boring veggies, plain rice, and “burnt chapatis.”

Later, when the person on the other phone tried to appease him, he called up another official and gave him a stern talking to, accusing him of corruption and threatening to “show them who is Bangar.”

Pawar said that the language used by MLAs Surve and Bangar of the Shinde Group astonished him, with the latter even pledging to keep using the same (violent) tactics. He then explicitly questioned: “They are showing off such “masti” Does Shinde, Fadnavis, and the BJP find this acceptable?”

He made the Constitution, the courts, and the rule of law plain, but “some individuals believe they are above the rules” and openly subvert the rule of law.

“Balasaheb Thackeray always emphasized the need to defend the weak and vulnerable, but look at what the “Goonde Sena” is doing now. Through the voting booth, the public will demonstrate to the Goonde Sena a lesson “Kuchik; also the general secretary of the Bharatiya Kamgar Sena, reacted angrily.

The local Shiv Sena unit has filed a complaint with the Dahisar Police Station in response to Surve’s threats. Bangar has said he is not afraid of the repercussions and would address the situation with the CM and bring it up in the legislature.